Online Website Checker

Website Checker

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Sends you emails and text messages if your website or Api goes down.

What is this online website checker?
This app allows you to see if your website (or any website) is currently online. If we find out that the website on your list is down or offline, we will send you an email to let you know. You can set up a schedule to check your website as often as every 5 minutes.

How Does it Work?

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1: Setup your account

Register for an account and add your website.
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2: We watch your website

We check to make sure your website is still online and loading quickly - we check up to 6 times per hour.
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3: Get alerts if it goes down

We send you an email or text message when your site goes down based on your settings.

Uptime is important - it shows your available, ready for business, and is the cornerstone of a great customer experience.