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Website Checker

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Check if your website is online and functional every 5-15 minutes.
Prevent downtime, and make sure your website stays online!
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Maintain 99.99% Uptime
The expecation now is to have your website up and running 24/7. With Website Checker, we will monitor your website around the clock to make sure its always online.
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Receive Email Alerts
If your website goes offline, or shows something you were not expecting, we will instantly send you an email alert to describe what happened.
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Receive Text Messages
If your website goes offline, or shows something you were not expecting, we will instantly send you a text message to describe what happened.
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Receive Weekly Reports
We send you weekly reports so you can see your hisotiral uptime record how your uptime stacked up to previous weeks.

Site Checker

This app allows you to see if your website (or any website) is currently online. Simply add the site you want to checked, and we will monitor it every 5-15 minutes, depending on the plan type you have.

If we find that the site is down, or that one of the the alerts you set up is triggered, we can send you an email or text message to alert you that something went wrong.

Check and monitor all of your websites here and feel comfortrable knowing your sites are online!

Site Down Checker

When your website goes down, you need to know as soon as possible. We check your site up to every 5 minutes and will send you an email alert if it goes down. On our dashboard you can see - which webistes triggered an alert, the reason for the alert, how long each alert was triggered for, and the time the alert stopped being triggered.

Uptime Monitor

We not only send you an email or text message when one of your alerts is triggerred, but we also help you keep your sites online and functioning by providing weekly reports. You can review the uptime of all of your websites each week by examining the weekly report - send out on sunday.

How Does it Work?

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1: Setup your account

Register for an account and add your website.
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2: We monitor your site

We check to make sure your website is still online and loading quickly - we check up to 20 times per hour.
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3: Get alerts if it goes down

We send you an email or text message when your site goes down based on your settings.

Uptime is important - it shows your available, ready for business, and is the cornerstone of a great customer experience.